A unique
What we do Duty Free &
Airport store Distribution
- San Paulo, Rio de janeiro, Mexico City, Cancun, CDE
- Seoul, Jeju, Panama city, Santo doming
- in flight sales
What we do U.S. & Canada
Retail Distribution
- apple store USA and Canada
- Costco USA & Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia
- Bestbuy USA
- Apple APR Store
- Amazon.com
What we do Manufactory Sales
- Electronics-
- Samsung, Sony, Foxcon, sanyo, panasonic
ELYEL Corporation is the innovative
product distributor, importer/exporter,
and manufacturing representative.
As a vital link in the business value chain, we create sales and profitability opportunities for customers and business partners through unique and strong Americas region – U.S.A./Canada/All South Americas - retail connection.

Since its beginnings in 2004, ELYEL Corporation’s partners have connected world with worldwide business partners and manufacturing partners identifying markets and technologies that shape the industry. Today, ELYEL Corporation remains at the forefront of the rapid changing global marketplace, bringing the latest innovative and fresh idea products, ideas and services to market and finding new ways to bring value to our customers and business partners. The company offers a broad array of solutions, services and knowledge to all customers by distributing and marketing from nearly 100 business partners and alliances.
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